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Abandoning the God of the Commandments, and instead making a god of personal pleasure, has led to decades of sexual abuse and assault against countless women in the entertainment industry. Many supposed “mainstream” Hollywood productions are now filled with graphic nudity and sex—what used to be called “pornography.” Adultery, fornication, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, and virtually every other sexual immorality imaginable has long been promoted and celebrated by our industry. Taking their cues from Hollywood—revealing the awesome power and responsibility of those who make a career of entertainment—almost every institution in the United States has been infected with those who see other human beings—especially women—as objects to satisfy their lust.Also, with perhaps the most guarded tenet of our worldview being the idea that people should be able to do whatever they wish in the sexual realm, few should be surprised that there are so many Harvey Weinsteins among us. Thus, women across America, whether in homes or on farms, in factories, restaurants, academia, engineering, medicine, science, politics, business, and so on, have suffered and continue to suffer.What modern action, dramatic, or comedic film or television series is devoid of depicting—as C. What’s more, it makes me very sad to say, many women like myself have been part of the problem.Instead of standing up to the sex-crazed entertainment industry, we have enabled it to continue, and even thrive.

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In 2012, he was reelected to a second term despite having done nothing to improve the life circumstances of black Americans, other than consigning even more of them to a life of dependency by adding millions more to food stamps rolls.

They are fundamental principles without which mankind cannot live together.” Though they have never been more needed, tragically, such opinions—and certainly the values that such a statement reflects—have all but disappeared in today’s Hollywood.

As with the “blood drenched,” war-ravaged world of which Mr.

De Mille spoke, there is but one way out of the craven, perverse, sex-obsessed, bitter world that now exists in Hollywood. In these dark and complicated times, the truth is the most powerful weapon we have.

Sadly, we can no longer rely on the media—neither the entertainment media that we represent, nor the news media—to present us with the truth.

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