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Central Expressway Suite 1300 Dallas, Texas 75231 Station Phone: 817-451-1111 News Tips: 817-496-7711 Station Feedback: Email Program Director: Email Website Feedback: Email Sales Inquiries: Email Twitter […]KTXA 21.2 airs the complete Me-TV program schedule, featuring more than 50 different classic television programs every week.and therefore also has the shortest average water residence time.Sometimes fierce waves springing up unexpectedly have led to dramatic rescues; in one instance, a Cleveland resident trying to measure the dock near his house became trapped but was rescued by a fire department diver from Avon Lake, Ohio: Lake Erie is primarily fed by the Detroit River (from Lake Huron and Lake St.Clair) and drains via the Niagara River and Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario.Before this, the land on which the lake now sits went through several complex stages.A large lowland basin formed over two million years ago as a result of an eastern flowing river that existed well before the Pleistocene ice ages.

The glaciers were able to carve away more land on the eastern side of the lowland because the bedrock is made of shale which is softer than the carbonate rocks of dolomite and limestone on the western side.Lake Erie's environmental health has been an ongoing concern for decades, with issues such as overfishing, pollution, algae blooms and eutrophication generating headlines.The shallowest section of Lake Erie is the western basin where depths average only 25 to 30 feet (7.6 to 9.1 m); as a result, "the slightest breeze can kick up lively waves," according to a New York Times reporter in 2004.The island has a "fragile and unique ecosystem" with plants rarely found in Canada, such as wild hyacinth, yellow horse gentian (Triosteum angustifolium) and prickly pear cactus, as well as two endangered snakes, the blue racer and the Lake Erie water snake.Songbirds migrate to Pelee in spring, and monarch butterflies stop over during the fall.

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