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EFG International today announces that Christian Flemming has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and a Member of the Executive Committee, effective 15 January 2018.Mark Bagnall, EFG’s current Chief Operating Officer, will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer, and Peter Fischer will step down as Head of Strategy.EFG International announces that USD 400 million of Tier 2 Resettable Subordinated Notes due 2027 issued by EFG International (Guernsey) Limited and guaranteed by EFG International AG on a subordinated basis have been placed with investors.EFG International today announces that Franco Polloni has been appointed Head of Central Switzerland, Ticino & Italy Region and a Member of the Executive Committee, effective 1 August 2017 at the latest. EFG International today gave notice to the holder of its EUR 67’604’000 8 per cent Resettable Guaranteed Subordinated Notes due 2022 (ISIN: XS0732522023) issued by EFG International (Guernsey) Limited and of its USD 100’000’000 5.25 per cent Fixed to Floating Rate Subordinated Notes due 2021 (ISIN: CH0145635766) issued by BSI AG, Nassau Branch of redemption of all of the notes at their principal amount together with interest accrued to the date of redemption at their respective first optional call date. BSI performance in the first half 2016 reflected the difficult market environment, the negative impact of the regulatory actions in Asia and a high number of exceptional items. He replaces John Williamson, who will become Vice Chairman and will be proposed as Chairman at next year’s Annual General Meeting. Burki will be proposed as the new Chairman for the coming year at tomorrow’s Annual General Meeting. von Maltzan were elected as additional members of the Board.Notably, shareholders approved two capital increases in connection with the acquisition of BSI. As a result, EFG International’s pro-forma total BIS capital ratio will improve to approximately 17%.The process of resetting EFG International is now complete, and performance during the third quarter of 2012 was broadly in line with that seen during the first half of the year.

CHF 1,060 million estimated as at 31 October 2016).The new Advisory Board will provide guidance and expert advice to support the bank’s growth strategy in Asia. Following the successful completion of the platform migration of the former BSI businesses in Zurich and Geneva onto EFG’s IT platform, EFG International announces the appointment of Giorgio Pradelli as EFG’s new CEO effective 1 January 2018. Straehle has announced his retirement as of end-2017, when the full integration of former BSI into EFG is expected to be completed.EFG International is pleased to announce that it will maintain its Italian domestic presence in Milan, following the notification of Banca d'ltalia to remove its restrictive order and to dismiss the administrative proceedings relating to the former BSI offices in Italy, as communicated in May 2017. A., with revenue-generating Assets under Management of approx. Dimitris Politis will succeed Giorgio Pradelli in his role as CFO, and Renato Cohn has been appointed EFG’s future Deputy CEO.EFG International today announces that it has completed the legal integration of substantially all of BSI SA’s Swiss business into EFG Bank AG, a 100% subsidiary of EFG International.As the legal integration in Switzerland has become effective, the renewed EFG brand has been launched.

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