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The book then details the affair between them, with Barenziah falling pregnant as a result.

Mortals who gain their favor are often gifted with abilities and artifacts of great power, though may be required to pledge their soul to serve their Daedric patron after death.Due to strained relations between Morrowind and the Empire, Barenziah travels to the Imperial City to speak with the Emperor, during which she gains an inkling of suspicious towards his true identity, and eventually proof.Her husband is later killed, and she has a liaison with the Nightingale, but soon flees the Imperial City for Wayrest and marries King Eadwyre to live a more peaceful, pleasant life.Because of this, it is entirely possible for two contradictory statements in the below examples to The Daedra are the "original spirit" divine beings that did not take part in the creation of the world.Unlike the Aedra, they did not sacrifice any of their power during creation and remain truly immortal.

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