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I was in a very mentally abusive marriage for the last 10 years and had no plans of dating anytime soon. Now I have found myself falling in love with a man that I met at my sister's church. I am a 41 year old woman who has recently divorced her alcoholic husband of 20 years.The problem is I don't know if he is just latching on to me because he is so lonely or if I really am someone truly special to him.He hates being alone and has made that very clear so it concerns me that I am just someone that is filling that lonliness. We have talked about this and I have expressed my concern that I want to make sure that I am that special person and not just a warm body for him to fill his lonely nights and days.When he asked me out I knew about this and it was a very big concern.However, he tells me that he did the majority of his grieving earlier this year when his wife started going downhill.Now, I am sure you are thinking that this is way too soon for both of us.I have just come out of a 20 marriage of hell to an alcoholic and I have also 3 children that I am still raising. But I can honestly say that I did do the majority of my grieving way before I ever left my ex.

I'm not sure there is something wrong with someone who hates to be alone.Thanks It sounds to me that both of you are going into this with your eyes wide open. You are aware of the pitfalls and the risks and you're both adults. But he could be your transitional man as well, opening the way for other men to come into your life.Sure, things may not work out, there may be other issues that crop up that have nothing to do with his past or yours, but as you've said, there are no guarantees out here. Who knows what's down the line for either of you? I cannot add much to her wise words except just keep your eyes and ears open, and your sense of humor.I know I am falling in love and finally with a man that is nothing like my ex.He doesn't drink, doesn't say vulgarities with every breath and him and I both were raised baptists and think a lot alike in many areas.

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